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Parenting Solutions

Parenting SolutionsAre you seeking alternative options in your parenting, are previous methods and actions not resulting in the outcomes you desire?

Arnaum Walkley can assist you in finding the most appropriate parenting skills to maintain a well-balanced, happy, peaceful family.

Parenting is an opportunity for self-reflection and taking the lead in healing past wounds from childhood and past experiences. Obtain skills to heal and evolve into the parent you choose to be. Identify and eliminate unwanted behaviors that interfere with you enjoying your children.

With a wealth of personal and professional experience, Arnaum offers a variety of options, techniques and guidance to assist parents in creating their personal, conscious parenting style.

A conscious parent is able to form a loving, supporting connection with their child in all areas of their development.

Through compassionate, motivating counselling and HNLP she addresses family dynamics and life issues.

Offering a confidential, empathic, nurturing environment which contributes to her client’s well-being.

Mission Statement

Arnaum acknowledges that every child is unique. Therefore there is no ‘one’ way to parent and guide a child through their life. Arnaum assists parents in creating awareness and confidence in their parenting abilities. To make informed decisions that will lead to conscious parenting actions and new techniques relating to raising their family.

The goal is to surround and nurture a child with security, love, and compassion as they thrive confidently and evolve into tomorrow’s adults.

HNLP Humanistic Neuro Linguistic Programming

HUMANISTIC: Focus on Spiritual wellbeing.

NEURO: is how the brain functions to take in information and use it best.

LINGUISTIC: is how we use language to structure and enrich our experiences.

PROGRAMMING: is how we create useful habits, and have the ability to transform our lives to build success.

HNLP assists people in rebuilding their identity and sense of self. An awareness that offers alternatives to change situations, and to take action with more clarity and confidence.

  • Have more emotional control and choices.
  • Access subconscious information.
  • Heal and neutralise childhood issues.
  • Learn to change behaviours.
  • Utilise new resources to achieve your desired outcomes.
  • An opportunity to create clarity in your communication and enhance your listening skills.
  • Harness the power of your words.

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Experiences of one’s own childhood can have a profound effect on how you parent your child.

Some parents can experience feeling stuck and frustrated in unconscious patterns of behaviour that may cause feelings of guilt and shame. These feelings can lead to behaving in ways that they said they never would.

HNLP can assist in developing self awareness and taking responsibility for what are unhealed issues from childhood.

Clear sub conscious patterns with HNLP.

Take action and neutralise past events so you have more emotional control and choices in your life. Identify and eliminate unwanted behaviours. Be the parent and leader that your children deserve.


Arnaum has enjoyed supporting and nurturing Parents and their Families as a Parenting Counsellor for 25 years. She pursued her passion for assisting parents in developing their own individual, unique conscious parenting skills, by achieving a Diploma in Early Childhood Studies. She then trained and became a Nursing Mothers’ Breastfeeding Counsellor, which she involved herself with for 15 years. During this time Arnaum supported Mother’s Group Meetings, and was involved in Pre and Post Natal education. Show More

Arnaum has also contributed her skills and experience to various committees and groups in N.S.W., Queensland and South Australia relating to Birth and Parenting education and support. Over the years Arnaum has continued to pursue knowledge and studied many different courses that contribute to her knowledge and compassion for her clients.

Reiki 1 & 2, Massage, Herbal Medicine and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) are some of the modalities she has enjoyed. Arnaum has also assisted in Women’s workshops and seminars relating to self awareness and healing.

Writing articles, creating seminars relating to childhood development, parenting and life issues are vital to Arnaum’s commitment in assisting parents and children.

Arnaum is constantly invited to speak to groups of parents and often a guest speaker at parenting related seminars.

She has raised two grown sons and still is practicing as a Nanny for one family, so is still continuing to enjoy the experiences that caring for children bring.

In 2008 Arnaum qualified as a Humanistic Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, which enables her to assist people in making powerful, healing changes that enable them to create excellence in their lives.

Arnaum consults in her premises and offers in-home consultations, group seminars and public speaking.