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Dr Tim Leeming (Chiropractor) BChiro, BAppSc (Hons) – Sport & Exercise Nutrition

Dr Tim Leeming, Chiropractor

A Simple, Holistic and Natural Lifestyle

A lifestyle lived through simple, holistic and natural means is how I like to thrive! I have always been passionate about the function of the human body and how to optimise it. That’s how I stumbled across chiropractic; when I learned that chiropractic is all about allowing the body to express optimum function, I was hooked.

Outside of the Office

I love getting outdoors and exercising regularly, listening to good music and spending time with other people around me – I’m sure that’s why I’m so happy in a lifestyle that allows me to help others through the work that I do.

I’ve got a special interest in real food nutrition, so please feel free to talk food with me!

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