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First Visit

First Step Towards Recovery!

Dr Stefano consulting with patient

Your first visit is your first step towards recovery. You will be in safe hands here. We recommend that you bring with you any X-rays you have of your spine and that you allow a maximum of 30 minutes for your visit.

We Explain Everything

This 30 minute appointment enables you to fill in our visitor form; which comprises of your contact details, general health and main concern, the benefits and negligible risk associated with chiropractic adjustments and the privacy act.

Comprehensive Chiropractic Exam

A comprehensive exam is performed including posture exam, thermo scan, range of motion tests and new x-rays ordered if needed. The chiropractor will then inform you if he accepts your case for chiropractic care and may perform an adjustment. The initial visit is usually followed by a report the next day to review the results of the adjustment and/or to go through the findings.

An Assessment of your Current Situation

The important thing to remember about a first visit is that it is an assessment of your current situation with a possible option for improving your health so we ask that all visitors come with a positive outlook.

Report of Findings

After we study your health history and correlate our examination findings, we’ll make recommendations designed to help you get and keep your health. We call this the Report of Findings.


First Visit | (08) 8353 0599