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Welcome to Vital Family Chiropractic

Today’s Chiropractic is safe, effective and helping millions of Australians achieve their best.

Health care made simple!

If you’re looking for a chiropractor West Lakes, Vital Family Chiropractic can start helping you today!

  • Same day appointments
  • Easy to find, easy parking
  • Thorough Chiropractic analysis
  • Tailored adjustment techniques
  • Get your body healing faster

Appointments with our Chiropractor West Lakes now available!

Whether you are after quick relief or striving for optimal wellness, at Vital Family Chiropractic we are here to help by delivering quality chiropractic care to West Lakes, Seaton, Grange, Woodville and Findon communities. We would love to help you be your best!

Dr Mario now practices from two locations – West Lakes and Semaphore and Royal Park – bringing new, innovative Chiropractic care ready to serve the community and the greater metropolitan areas. Dr Mario has been delivering quality chiropractic care over the past 15 years and has adjusted over 8,000 people in a number of countries.

Chiropractic is for everybody!

Everybody benefits from a healthy spine and nerve system because it optimizes the brain body connection. We would love to help you be your best! At Vital Family Chiropractic, we believe that Chiropractic is for everybody and chiropractic should be affordable for everybody. We don’t refuse people care if they need it, if people are committed to improving their health and doing what it takes to get healthier then Dr Mario & Vital Family Chiropractic are happy to help you.

Is your body functioning at its best?

If your body was working better you would be healthier. That means adapting better to life’s stress so you can enjoy family, friends and the great planet we live on. True health comes from within.

We would like to encourage people to get checked sooner rather than later. It is not a matter of how many years in your life, but how much life there is in your years. Call your closest Vital Family Chiropractic clinic to organise a visit today.

Chiropractor West Lakes | Dr. Mario Stefano
Helping the West Lakes, Royal Park, Port Adelaide, Grange, Lakeview, Westfield & Seaton areas express optimum health!

Back By The Beach

Dr Mario is pleased to now also be practicing
from this clinic location in Semaphore.

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